Are Double Vanities Right For Your Bathroom?

When it comes to the bathroom, the right vanity is more than a storage solution — it’s a piece of décor, a place to get ready in the morning, and one of the most eye-catching parts of the room. That’s why, whether you’re remodeling an existing bathroom or creating a bathroom in a new home, thinking through vanity options makes sense. One of the biggest questions people have when they’re looking at vanities is whether to go with a single vanity or double vanity.

Between Single and Double Vanities

Double bathroom vanities offer all the benefits of a vanity times two, providing space for two individuals to get ready each morning, less stress about sharing the bathroom, and more convenience and flexibility overall. They also require double the plumbing, double the upkeep and aren’t always able to fit in a bathroom space. How do you know when a double vanity is the right solution for you? Should you add twin bathroom vanities to your bathroom, or does a single make more sense? To help you think through the pros and cons of a double bathroom vanity, here are some key principles to keep in mind.

What Works best in Your Bathroom Space?

Just because you can fit a double vanity in a bathroom doesn’t always mean it’s a good choice. Ask yourself how a double vanity will fit your bathroom’s overall sense of space: Will it make things cramped? Will there be room to move around it? Will it overwhelm the room? Generally speaking, choose a vanity that’s appropriately sized for your bathroom, which means you have at least 6 solid feet to dedicate to the vanity area. Whatever vanity you choose, it should leave enough space in the room for you to comfortably move around the room with ease.

The convenience: Would You Prefer More Personal Space?

The biggest benefit of double vanities is space — each person gets his or her own sink area to use each day. No one has to fight over bathroom time, and no one has to be in the way of someone else’s routine. You can also keep all your personal toiletries right at your own area of the bathroom, so they’re ready and waiting for you each day. With that convenience, however, does come some tradeoffs: more space to clean and potentially less counter space than you could have had with one sink, for example.

Cost: What Can You Purchase?

Any time you’re making a large purchase, budget comes into play — so before you are sold on a certain type of vanity, figure out what you can afford. Double vanities require double the plumbing, so you can count on some elevated costs. Then, depending on what style of double vanity you like, there can be a wide range of price points. What features matter to you? What is a necessity and what’s a preference? We have a price collection for you budget means.

The Selling Power: How Can This Increase Your Home’s Value?

All the same reasons you like double vanities come into play when you’re trying to sell your home someday, so there may be some long-lasting benefits from making this upgrade. Potential buyers may also like more freedom in the bathroom, more space to share, and more convenience in daily routines. For these reasons, a double bathroom vanity can often feel like an upgrade that’s a big selling point — something that may make it a smart investment for you today.


Give credit to Erica Garland.